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Every mother is a New Mom. Whether you just popped your fifth or sixth child into the world, you begin another journey as a mom – maybe not a first-timer, but definitely a new mother as every child is unique and raising each one offers exciting and totally different experiences.

Parenting is a journey that a mommy need not walk alone. In this site, we would be helping each other become better mommies and veterans of parenting. Together, we would marvel on our child’s accomplishments and milestones (no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to others), help each other cope with motherhood stress, enjoy the joys and beauty of motherhood, learn how to face or confront motherhood dilemmas and issues, develop and nurture happy homes for our children, and much more.

We will also discover exciting products, services, and events that are meant to be enjoyed and experienced by New Moms like us as well as by our lovely children!

If you are as excited as us in exploring this site, make sure you subscribe to our feeds or with the mail list. If you wish to contribute, ask a question, or simply say hello, you may do so by using the contact form or by sending the writer an email at support (at) newmoms101 (dot) com.