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Probably one of the most exciting undertakings a woman can ever experience is becoming a mother. While biologically, not everyone is gifted with the ability to bear a child, every person can actually choose to experience becoming a parent. This can happen in different ways – by adopting a child, by serving as a guardian, by becoming a nanny…

How you became one is insignificant, ‘what matters is how you are as a parent.’ If you are browsing this site today, it only means one thing – you value being a mom. With that, we are welcoming you to this site dedicated to provide a venue for mommies and parents such as myself, in sharing simply how our day went, how we resolved petty and complex parenting issues, our efforts in making our children feel special, our views and take on different issues on parenting and others that non-parents would understand or find meaningful.

In this site, we are the authorities – the hands-on Moms, the first-hand moms, the New Moms of today. Let’s journal and discuss about our relentless attempts in becoming better parents, our voyage towards achieving a meaningful motherhood life.

Like the idea so far? Click here to know why this site is called NewMoms101. Intrigued about the writer? Know more about MomBlogger here.

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